User Guide

What's in the box?

1. Referee Remotes

2. Remote Charging Brick

3. Bluetooth Service Keyboard

4. DRL Wireless Receiver 

5. Keypad

6. Receiver Power Supply

7. HDMI & USB-C Cables

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What to plug in?

  • (1) Uses the USB-C cable in (7) to connect to (2) to charge the remotes

  • (4) plugs into your TV/monitor using the HDMI cable in (7)

  • (6) plugs into (4) to provide power to the DRL receiver 

  • When (4) receives power the DRL program will automatically start

User Interface Description

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Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 12.42.21 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 12.44.15 PM.png

Remote Description

  • If the set is Non-IPF the red button simply is a "No Lift" without any infraction cards shown

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Remote Charging

  • Remotes have a battery life of at least 24 hours on a full charge

  • There is a LED on the front of the remote that indicates it's state

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Spare Remote

  • Every set of DRL3 comes with a 4th "spare remote". The remote is configured by turning it on. Once the spare makes a connection with the DRL receiver, a spare configuration menu appears on the screen. 

  • Turning the spare off and back on again will restart the configuration menu

Using the keypad

  • The keypad is used to:

    • Change the timer value

      • To place the unit in "timer edit mode" press the plus button (C) . The clock will turn red with "0:00:00"

      • You can enter the desired time from right to left. You can use backspace (B) if you make any mistakes. Note: you may need to press Num Lock for the system to register the inputs

      • Once done press enter (A) to load the new time into the system. 

      • You can then start the timer with (D) or the chief referee green button

    • Enter the DRL Menu

      • from the main DRL screen the menu can be entered by pressing the Enter key (A)

      • The menu is exited by pressing Enter (A) or selecting any of the available options at the bottom. 

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Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 1.11.05 PM.png


  • DRL3 has a RJ-45 port on it that allows it to be connected to a local area network (LAN) for integration into other systems via ethernet. 

  • The two main reasons for networking are:

    • VNC (virtual network computing)​ 

      • The "screen" of a DRL system may be accessed via a VNC viewer software. Once you have the IP address of the unit you may access it with the following credentials:​

        • User: pi​

        • PW: raspberry

    • Liftingcast Integration (Version 0.8+) 

      • DRL can be integrated into liftingcast. This allows ​the chief referee's remote to start the clock, and based on the referee's decisions the lift can be marked good/bad automatically and the program advances to the next lifter. 

      • You can access the DRL<->Liftingcast integration menu from any computer on your LAN. Simply go to the "Liftingcast Management " URL presented in the DRL Menu. Don't forget the ":5000" at the end! 

Updating DRL

  • Every set of DRL3 comes with a wireless keyboard/mouse. This is included to make it easier to update DRL3's software. 

  • There is a dongle in the back of the wirless keyboard, make sure it is plugged into the DRL3 receiver. 

  • Once plugged in pressing "ESC" on the keyboard exits the program and reveals a desktop environment.

  • DRL3 must be connected to the internet in order to be updated, so it can either be done via the RJ-45 port or over Wifi

    • To connect to a local Wifi Network, press the ​wifi icon in the top right of the screen and connect. 

  • Once a internet connection has been established, double click the "Update DRL" Icon on the desktop and wait for the pop up to appear with the update information. ​

  • If no popup appears, there was an error when trying to update, please double check your internet connection. 

  • After the pop up appears your unit has been successfully updated and can be powered down.