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about us

How we started


Scott "Squat "Dobbins is a meet director in Texas who would frequently borrow equipment for competitions, one of those things being wooden referee lights. After finishing his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and before starting his Master's degree Scott had a summer off where he decided to create the first reliable wireless ref light system in the world, and DRL was born. Scott recently finished his Master's in Electrical Engineering and resides in Austin, TX. 


Why DRL?


DRL has become the international standard for powerlifting meets. Every world championship since late 2016 has utilized a DRL system. The heaviest lifts in IPF history have also been judged using the system. DRL is currently in use in 26 countries on 5 continents!



"The DRL Referee lights work exceptionally well. They have great customer service, the lights are easy to set up and are affordable to buy -- You will not be disappointed!"


Robert Keller

Secretary General

International Powerlifting Federation

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