The world's most popular and advanced powerlifting light system. 


IPF Infraction Cards:

Adds a blue and yellow button to each controller to display IPF style infraction cards

Main Timer:

Adds a green button to the chief remote which gives the chief control of 1 minute timer for the lifter.

Deluxe Features: 

Includes a keypad which allows the timer to be configured, to anything other than 1 minute. Includes a "Time left to change opener message"EX: main timer is at 10 min, a smaller timer appears stating "Time left to change openers: x:xx". It also allows you to display a message stating that a change has been submitted. (EX: 3rd attempt deadlifts, people are changing their last attempt, but you have to let the spotters/judges know)


Digital Referee Lighting System (DRL2)

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